or·gan·ize:ˈôrgəˌnīz/verb - arrange into a structured whole; order.

Enhancing lives, maximizing efficiency and transferring skills to others by creating personalized systems of organization.

Born on a military base in North Carolina and growing up as a military child, meant that many moves for my family would be a theme in my young life. Both sets of grandparents, as well as my parents, had a strong sense of both order and beauty in the home that still influences me today. I’ve been organizing for the majority of my life in one way or another, starting from cleaning and putting away items for my grade school friends (something I loved doing for them to their surprise), up to being the tidy one that still managed to have fun in college.

My merchandising background in college led me to sales and marketing in the corporate world. One of my favorite projects was the development of a contract process system that streamlined efficiency and increased productivity for our company.

After the birth of my daughter, I went back to my roots and passion of organizing. I have learned that life is far from perfect and that no one lives in the pages of a beautiful magazine spread. But it is possible to restore order, tame chaos, and maximize our time-all while enjoying life.