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Work Out Those Office Spaces

Whether you have a working home office to yourself or just a tiny space where bills need to be paid, we will find ways to maximize your work area and help make it more efficient. First things first, remove all items from your room or workspace that do not belong. If random items have made…
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Taming The Kitchen

Your kitchen likely is a place where many things happen. It could be a study area, a bill paying area, a gathering place, or even a dumping zone. The main function of a kitchen is to be a kitchen where meals are cooked & served, and if space provides, meals are eaten here. Taming and…
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New Year – Fresh Start

January 1, 2015 ushers in a new year, filled with resolutions, new goals and a clean slate.  What better time of year to focus on getting organized!  Whether you are already feeling like you have a handle on your home being in order or you are at the breaking point, this is a great time…
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Stocking & Organizing The Pantry For Summer

June is a big deal in many homes across our country. In most areas, school years are close to ending and summer is ushered in. Graduations are wrapping up and family vacations & visits are just beginning. It’s not too late to organize and take stock of what you have on hand for children home…
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How Toddlers Organize

  I’ve always been tidy.  Even as a child when I was tasked with the chore of cleaning my room, I secretly enjoyed it somehow.  I got to check in on all of my toys and stuffed animals, I was able to find the missing piece to my beloved Muppet puzzle, and I got to…
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