Quick Tips

Paper Chase

Paper is still an ever present part of our lives.  Even if you have chosen to go paperless with most everything, there will always be more paper.  By creating an ongoing plan for how to sort, file & shred, that will help keep surface areas clear and eliminate paper encroachment.

Stay On Track

Start a shared family calendar to keep track of school events, extracurricular activities and appointments so that nothing is missed.

Chop Chop

For easy after school & work dinners, prep veggies and measure out non-perishables early in the week. Refrigerate necessary items in covered containers.  When you are ready to make your next family dinner, it will be so much easier now that the meal has been prepped.

Do You Date?

To help keep track of when fridge, freezer and pantry products have worn out their welcome, place dates when items have been opened. When it's time for a quick clean out, deciding what to keep and what to toss will be a breeze.

Let The Music Play

Need some motivation to get you started on organizing or to carry you through an organizing project? Press play on your favorite upbeat playlist or song to get the ball rolling and pump up the jam!

Dishwasher Dash

How you put dishes, cups and utensils away in your dishwasher can actually slow you down when it’s time to unload it.  Load like items together (knives with knives, mugs next to mugs, etc.) and get out of the kitchen faster!

Loads of Laundry

When clothes and linens are dirty and ready make the trip to the laundry room, sort and wash dirty laundry how it makes the most sense to you.  Darks & lights separately, towels only with towels, each person’s clothes per load, etc.  If space allows, store dirty items this way to avoid sorting at all.  It may seem like a hassle on the front end, but you’ll be happier in the end.

The “3” rule

Keep publications in check by following the rule of “3”: Keep no more than 3 days of daily publications, 3 weeks of weekly publications and 3 months of monthly publications.
If you haven’t read those older issues by now, you’ll likely never get to them anyway.

Tick Tock Change the Clock

Whether you are springing forward or falling back, take this time of year to check in on smoke detector and carbon monoxide batteries, or any other critical household devices that may need attention.  Now is also a good time to schedule your seasonal services, such as lawn care, pest control, summerizing/winterizing vehicles, snow management, etc.  Some companies even offer discounts to customers that schedule early, so it certainly doesn’t hurt to ask.

Spring Fling

Longer days mean more time will be spent outside.  Get a head start on garden and yard work now before the grass starts taking off and weeds get established in gardens & beds.  Take inventory of needed supplies, organize those materials that you do have on hand and clean up tools & equipment if it wasn’t done in the fall.  When you bring home the season’s first flat of flowers, you won’t be scrambling to find the right tools for the job.

Seasons Change

With warmer weather on the way, take this time to transition colder weather clothes, boots, and any other gear out of your hall closets, mudrooms or hooks in the entry way.  Edit those pieces that will be outgrown or won’t make it through another season.  Launder or send them off to the cleaners, then store for next year.  Reverse this process with warm weather items when the days get colder and shorter.