Back To Basics…Life Interrupted

A life change such as a move opens the door to self-evaluation.  How much stuff do I have?  How much stuff do I want?  How much stuff do I REALLY need?  Do I really want to pay to put THAT thing on the truck??

Whitefish Lake Image

This blog interruption is the result of this very event.  A cross-country move is no small feat.  Any move for that matter is no small feat.  For me, leaving the breathtaking Whitefish, Montana mountains for the beautiful beaches of Wilmington, North Carolina was a big change.  But one change of great things-getting back to my foundation; my basics.



Wrightsville Beach ImageMy roots after all are in North Carolina and Wilmington included.  My basic foundation of family is here, as are a long time family of friends.  Wilmington has been a very special part of my childhood where I spent just about every summer there with my family.  And now this charming city has called me home.



Wilmington Palm ImageThe end of summer’s theme has become “Back To…”.  Children & teachers are going back to school.  Adults are going back to work after summer vacations.  Most everyone is going back to the rhythm of daily life.  This is also a great time to reassess our daily routines.  How long does it take to get out of the house in the morning?  Could you be more efficient?  Strip down extra steps if you are feeling rushed or prep as much as you can the night before.


By going back to basics and determining what is actually needed to live daily, that will help frame a starting point for organizing.  Start small to get there and take your time if you need to.  It will be worth the wait.

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