Guess What’s Coming…Are You Ready?!

Knock, Knock…fall is here & holiday season is sneaking up on us! Get ready for the holidays with 3 simple tips:

1. On the 15th of each month, do a task on that day to help get you ready for the holidays. For example, on Oct. 15th, update your address book so you aren't scrambling to update addresses when it's time to send out holiday correspondence.

2. Take inventory of your entertaining items now. Do you need to pick up more wine glasses, candles, napkins or platters? Don't forget about having enough hangars in your coat closet when guests start arriving.

3. Toss or donate (gently used) items that just won't make it another season. Half-melted candles sticks, worn out dishtowels, or decorations that just aren't your taste anymore. This is the perfect time of year to pass on what you no longer need or love.

If you would like more organizing tips, check out the Quick Tips page or contact us to schedule a session so we can do the work for you!

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